Ravencraft 5th Epoch Spawn
Ideas and Inspiration


Note here that when you need flat space ... just make some!

Note the partial hipped roof ... level ground? who needs that!?!?

The higer up you go, the more the roof will overhang on the front

Crest of some sort on the left-most house; Double part hipped roof on the very wide building


Welcome to the land of half-timbered structures!

This is a very anna wall. :)

This is Heidelberg; a lot of this is post-war reconstruction, but still useful as an example of an "out of the mountains" town

Need more space? Crowd the river! Note old sluce gate bottom center.


More snow = more roof overhang

Terraced fields and dense building: Before chemical fertilizers, you needed to maximize your growing space.

Swiss seem to prefer smaller window boxes vs. Austrians and Germans

There's a gatehouse at the end of the bridge, but no wall: The houses are the wall. Note that the 1st floor windows are very small.