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How to Fail on Ravencraft

A few words from Anna on how to crash and burn in your time on Ravencraft.

1) Grief other people's work.
I don't care what it is. If someone built it and you break it without their permission, that's griefing.

2) Break the rules.
In particular, break the rules again after having been told what you did wrong the first time. I'm a big believer in explanations and second chances. Don't throw them away if you get one.

3) Pester staff to do things for you.
This is a survival server set on hard we will not go get your stuff when you die.

4) Pester staff for things which you are not entitled to.
For example, we will not temporarily give you donor status so you can use a donor perk to go get your stuff after you die.

5) Bring with you an attitude of demanding and self-entitlement.
You are a guest in my house. Being helped by staff who volunteer, giving up some of their play time to help others have fun. Being pushy and demanding will get you exactly nowhere here. Well, it will get you one thing: banned.

I will close with a final thought on griefing: Griefing the things I build is no more, and no less, bad then greifing a build by any other member of the server. Everyone's builds are equally valuable, whether it's a masterpiece, a wood hut, or a gravel path. Griefing the owner's builds is, however, monumentally stupid.

Last update: 2021-11-12